A new herringbone quilt

I used to work at craft fairs when I first started selling my quilts. I loved them. I loved meeting people. I met many lovely and wonderful people. 

Some people would make a purchase while others would only admire and touch and others would ask me questions and just take a business card. All of this is good. 

I haven’t worked a craft fair in more than four years and I still have people contact me and tell me where they met me. It’s nice. It’s a great feeling. 

A gentleman from one of these fairs has purchased a quilt from me for the birth of each of his children. He gets one as a gift for his wife. This is for their third child. 

I just adore people who appreciate handmade, those that find it more thoughtful than something they can just pick up in a store. I LOVE making quilt as I’m sure you can tell. 

 This is a herringbone pattern in gray, navy, and white. I’m pretty smitten over this one. The gray minky is just the perfect touch. 
If you are interested in purchasing a quilt or set like this one, find it here

If you are interested in making it…

I cut (24) 7″ background blocks and (24) 7″ print blocks, made half square triangles with them. I payed them out in 6 rows across by 8 rows using the herringbone placement, which alternates just a bit. You should be able to see the placement in the quilt. 

💜, Melanie 


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