All my favorite things quilt + a Skopelos quilt

I’ve always wanted to make a economy block quilt. But they are a little tedious. So I decided to make the blocks here and there. Focusing on just each block. 

Normally all my blocks get completed together. One big giant chain piece after the next. But not this quilt. 

The centers will be fussy cut. 

This past summer I accumulated a wide collection of Heather Ross fabrics and lots of other novelty prints. I’m excited to finally use them. 

My only rules for this quilt are: all fussy cut centers of much lived fabrics and the colors within each block compliment each other. 

So get ready for scrappiness. 


I received a bundle of Katarina Roccelo’s Skopelos fabric. Um…wow. Rich, dramatic colors that take my breath away. I love how they feel feminine and still darker. 

So I made them into a queen size rag quilt. 

This quilt is ready to ship in my shop here

💜, Melanie 


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