Quilt repair

So these old quilts….

You gotta love them. I like touching them and folding them and trying to determine what period the fabrics must be from. I like how they are much softer than new quilts, worn with use, ready for snuggling. 

Usually you can tell how much they were loved by counting the holes and stains. 

But if this was your grandmothers quilt, or your grandmothers grandmothers quilt, the thought of your over loved quilt being tossed out with your garbage might break your heart. 

I finally had the opportunity to repair one of these old quilts. And I’d like to show you what I did. 

Here is a before and after shot of the repair job. Obviously this is not a restoration project. It’s a rescue mission. This was not a quilt that belonged in a museum. It was a quilt that somebody loved immensely and refused to let it go. So I stopped the bleeding and sent it back to them. Ready to be loved more. 

This is what darning looks like. And that is all i did. I quilted over and over the holes until I was sure it wouldn’t come loose. Heres a video….

I used my darning/quilting foot. It was quick and got the job done. 

Then I washed it all up and sent it all back home. 



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