Dog Beds & Quote Pillows

This dog. Do you see him down there sitting all regal?  He looks like a good dog, and he can be. But he can also be a very bad dog. 

He cannot NOT jump on guests.  When I make him leave the kitchen, he’ll find ways to sneak back in. He’s crafty, this dog. 

He also has some serious anxiety. Like when someone shoots their guns, target practicing around here (this happens a lot), or a certain noisy truck goes by the road, my husband cranks up a blower, if anyone tries to go swimming without him, if any animal even squirrel or bird or even a bee come into the yard, he goes from kinda good dog to a horrible dog in seconds. 

Still, we adore him. I cannot explain this. He’s simply apart of our family, badness and all. 

So I made him a bed. 

He really loves modeling for me. 

So I pieced some 7×9″ blocks together until I had an adequate size. I backed it with a piece of batting and then quilted it. I attached a zipper on a short end and then put a backing of cotton duck (sting and sturdy material) and then sewed it all up. 

I filled it with cedar chips that he loves. When the cedar chips stop smelling, I’ll empty it, wash it and then feel it up with fresh cedar. 

He loves it! 


Last week, spoonflower had a sale on fat quarters, so I stocked up on some of my own designs.  

This quote is from “sense & sensibility”. One of my faves. This 18″ pillow is for sale here. 

And then I made another that I had been thinking about a long time. 

I love that line from Emily Bronte. I feel so moved every time I read it. It’s in a 14″ sham here. 

Thanksgiving is almost here and I just love this holiday. We have breakfast with my grandma on Thursday morning and then I cook my own family a traditional meal that afternoon. I’ve already grocery shopped and gathered everything I need. Let’s just hope I didn’t forget anything. 

I do not shop on Black Friday weekend. I know!  But I’ve never been into it. I do not like to race or fight or rush. I do not enjoy traffic or running amuck, so I’ll stay warm and comfy and safe inside my own home and start decorating instead. 

Hope you enjoy however you celebrate!

💜, Melanie 


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