Improved nine patch- an antique quilt top

There are times when I buy a vintage quilt top that I’m not necessarily that crazy about. I’ll buy it because it’s ‘good enough’ and probably has a wonderfully low price. 

Remember when I told you that I wasn’t frivolous with fabric shopping? Very untrue when it comes to vintage quilt tops. 

When I purchased this one above, I didn’t think much of it. I had bought on eBay by offering the seller lower than she had it priced for it. She countered just a little more and I accepted. 

The yellow felt blaring to me and I was not in love with it. I put it at the bottom of the stack thinking I would get to it when I get to it. 

It sat there for weeks. Ignored. The last vintage quilt I find he’d had sold almost as soon as I put it in my shop.  So I was anxious to list another and be sure that they had a presence in there. 

So I pulled this one and went for it

After I got it basted and was quilting it I noticed that all those plaids were men’s shirts and all those florals were women’s dresses. I also noticed a handful of feedsack fabrics in it. 

I started thinking about the lady who made it, whoever she may be, and how lovingly she must have cut her husbands shirts. How unwasteful. 

Like many, I sometimes take what I have for granted. I’ve never had to use scraps of clothing for fabric. I just go buy fabric. But what if I did?  What if every time something was riddled with tears or holes I put it in a little basket and saved it for a quilt?  What if I made every little thing I had counted?

Would this make me a more grateful person?  It would most definitely make more frugal. 

I’ve started to do a little of this lately. Not with fabric….yet. But with other things around my home. Particularly in the kitchen. I’ve been canning and freezing meals, trying to find creative ways to use leftovers without tossing them, eating out way less than we used to. 

I’ve always loved to cook, but I want to plan it better and be less wasteful about it. 

As for the Improved Nine Patch quilt, when I started thinking about un-wastefulness, I fell in love with the quilt.  Even the blaring yellow. 

And you know?  It’s really not that blaring. 

It’s cheerful and has SO much drool worthy plaids.  That really POP against that yellow background.  It smells amazing!  And has tiny birds on the back (aves chatter by Bonnie Christine). 

It makes me happy every time I look at it. It reminds me to use everything I have. To appreciate everything I have enough to use it. 

Maybe one day, I’ll take my own husband’s dress shirts and make a quilt with them. 

If antique vintage quilts are your thing, I have this one for sale here.  It measures a whopping 80×100″.  Big enough for a full size bed. 

Do you have any un-wastefulness secrets in the kitchen or sewing room?  If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. 

💜, melanie


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