Another Wobbly quilt with black and white background

This is the kind of quilt that I enjoy piecing together. The kind that you can chain piece all the way through. The kind where it doesn’t matter which fabrics go where. The kind that all of your 48 blocks end up completed at the exact same time. 

It makes for a stress free quilt making experience. And a real time saver. 

I also like this quilt because it is a scrap destroyer. See all of my wobbly quilts here

After this quilt I officially have just a sad collection of black and white prints. I usually purchase them here or there and if I get an idea or an order for a quilt with black and white backgrounds, I’ll go pile up, rub my hands together, and laugh like a greedy miser. 😊 

Then I will have to use it and try to find a way and a reason to go buy some more. I’m surprisingly (with as much as I love fabric), not a frivolous spender. If I buy fabric there is usually a reason for it. If I buy half yards it is for a particular project in mind. If I buy bolts it’s because I want quilts from them to be a staple item in my shop. 

 I had rearranged my sewing studio and had enough space to lay this twin size quilt out on my floor. 

The colors on this one was chosen by my customer whom this was custom made for. She had picked out a few fabric that she wanted me for sure to use and then let me add in scraps where I saw fit. 


I managed to squeeze in a little time to make a pattern for this quilt in twin and queen sized. It’s available here if you are interested

The pattern provides chain piecing instructions, so like me all of your blocks are completed together. 

I get asked a lot why I sometimes chain piece and why I sometimes do. There are times when each block needs to be made one at a time. 

When it MATTERS which fabric goes where within each block. You can’t chain piece that. Sometimes you can chain piece parts of it. Like say if it had several HSTs per block. But still it’s only small bits. And then you have to really THINK about what you are doing. Keeping this group of squares here and these triangles here. I usually use clothes pins to group sets together. 

My point is that I cannot sit in front of my machine and mindlessly sew bits of fabric together. Pushing one and then the other through the machine without any worries. 

A good point for chain piecing quilts is that you can get them done quicker. A good point for one block at a time quilts is they tend to be more creative. 

I struggle a lot with my binding. I feel like it’s never that PERFECT choice (unless I’m using a solid).  I either like it with the top and don’t like it with the back or something else along them lines. 

On this quilt I feel like I got it just right. For the backing I chose an old print of Amy Butler’s called ‘Bali gate’. The most BEAUTIFuL shade of turquoise ever! And for the binding I chose a pale gray/taupeish fabric by Frances Newcombe. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s from her ‘cherie’ line. It features delicate pink and white flowers flowers with touches of darker gray.  I’m constantly swooning over all of her prints in that line. 

So there it is. If you have any thoughts on your own process or how I could improve mine, I’d love to hear them. 

💜, Melanie 


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