Lessons learned with my Bernina 550qe

This machine. This beautiful, glorious machine that has spoiled me endlessly. It’s home. Eight days it went in the shop. Pure torture. 

Ok. That’s pretty silly. I was fine. I worked on my old machine. Which is as good as a machine as any other. It’s a heavy duty janome. It’s not computerized, all manual, but it gets the job done. It even will free motion quilt, something I did not realize when I used to use it daily. 

But back to the Bernina, i purchased it last summer and it cost some crazy number. A frivolous amount. BUT when you work with a sewing machine as much as I do and it cuts out LOTS of time and trouble, you begin to think it would be worth it.

And I have no regrets on my purchasing of it. I LOVE this machine. 

About six months after purchasing it, the thread began to break quite a bit when I free motion quilted. Also, I will say that the service light WAS on, but if it worked why would I take it in. That’s what I told myself. 

Finally, after I had had the machine more than 15 months, working on it daily 8+ hours a day, the feed dog quit working. 

This was a blessing in disguise. 

It’s like a new machine again. The thread no longer breaks. It’s SO smooth. 

So what I learned:  I learned that you really DO need to get your machine serviced regularly. It’s not excessive or silly. Your machine needs that. Also, when your machine can tell you that it needs servicing with a little light, it probably knows what it’s talking about. 

If you are looking at sewing machines and you do a lot of quilting, look into one of these. It has all those extras that a quilter needs. The 1/4 ” foot (that thing is priceless), the walking foot, the stitch regulator, a large throat space and plate for keeping your quilt on top of all the standard sewing machine goodies. It’s computerized (that needle up/down button!). 

Thanks for reading!

💜, melanie


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