A vintage quilt finish

I recently found myself at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA touching/petting/looking at every quilt/quilt top/vintage linen I came across. It’s kind of become an addiction. 

I LOVE them. 

I’m not sure if it’s there intricate patterns or just the state of their tears, holes or stains.

I want to put them to use. Fix them. Make them whole. 

And even more so when it comes to unfinished quilt tops. They are my cryptonite.  

I’m very fussy about how much I pay for them. The most I am ever willing to pay is $30 and that pains me. I prefer less than $20. I’ll scour every antique store, fair and eBay in search of them. 

They arrive home to me with foul odors, some are filthy, most have stains, almost all have splitting seams, and there are usually a few holes. 

All of this is perfectly okay when it’s not overwhelming.  When there is still hope for it. All of these ailments can be healed. 

Vintage quilt tops also come with a few other issues. They never seem to square up. The seams are always thick and bumpy, a pain to quilt over. 

I get through it. I don’t worry about the imperfections. After all, this was a quilt top that somebody tossed and didn’t want, left unfinished for whatever reason. 

I back them with modern fabrics. Very different from what is on the front. Something that says, I am here. 

And then I wash it. Wash it well with a little extra fabric softener in hopes of losing the smell that is something on these. Staleness. Moldyness. And then…

Fresh, clean, crinkly softness. An old quilt made new. A pattern so intricate and difficult I might never attempt myself, and yet I did have a hand in finishing it. 

 I love this quilt. 

I love it’s colors, its vintage fabrics. I love that I healed all those holes and tears and split seams. I love that the stains mostly have washed out and disappeared, and it smells heavenly. 

I’ve listed this quilt in my shop here for anyone else who might love to have something old made fresh and new. 

💜, melanie


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