Some quilty shams

I’ve made this sham before, but not in these perfect for fall fabrics.   This is “sweet as honey” by Bonnie Christine. 
These were for an order I finagled up today, but I couldn’t resist adding them to the shop. I have bolts of this fabric line so they will be available for some time. 

Find this sham in my shop here

And while I was at it….

I have three of theses, only 3, in my shop, ready to ship now. See them here

I started these months ago. They just needed quilting and finishing. Heather Ross’ adorable princess and the pea is featured in the middle. Her tired face and rosy cheeks just own me. Adorable!

Let me tell you how I make these. It’s super quick and super sturdy. 

  1. Make your pillow top then add the back in two pieces. I usually make my back 3″ less than the front piece in length and the same width for the bigger piece. And then 10″ by width for the smaller piece
  2. Sew the backs to each side of the pillow top. 
  3. Later on top of batting and quilt. Then trim. 
  4. Put your binding on the sides only. 
  5. Fold over and then surge the top and bottom up. 
  6. Voila! Perfectly easy quilted pillow shams. 

And since my sewing room received a proper cleaning, I thought I’d share some pics. 


 Thanks for reading!

💜, melanie


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