Some changes to my Etsy shop

A month or so ago, I made some pretty big changes to my shop. 

I’m hoping it was a good change. Time will tell. 

Most of the emails I get are customers who are in a king size listing of a quilt and they want it in a queen size. I usually answer these emails by linking to the quilt size that they want. It’s not a problem, but I was hoping to make it simpler for my customer. 

I did some changes with my sections and I put all my BED size rag quilts in one section and then gave them a drop down where they can CHOOSE the size they wanted. 

Above is a listing and you can click on “quilt sizes….” And then click on the size you want and the correct price will pop up. 

I’ve also added pillow options here just to make it easier to find them and have them match the quilt you want. You can even order samples from there. 

I’ve done all the baby quilts, I have them in three diff sizes, I put those in a completely different section instead of combining them just so I could show scale better in the pictures.  

Here are all the sections now. 

So what do YOU think?  Is it easier to use this way?  Are the sections broken down easier for you?  I’ve go everything that is ready to ship in one place now. I feel like it should be easier, but I’m interested in YOUR thoughts. Please chime in. 

One last thing, a very awesome feature Etsy has added to their shops is “shop updates”. 

This feature is very similar to Instagram, but without comments. Hopefully that will change. But the idea is you can see me working on quilts in my studio. I can also posts little updates and things like. Basically everything I am already doing on Instagram but if you are new to me and my shop or you don’t use Instagram you can now see it here too.  It also links to the quilt I am working on so you can purchase it. 

You can see more of my shop updates here

Thanks for reading along!

💜, melanie


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