A few new customer pictures + a large throw. 

 It’s looking so very much like fall around here now. The leaves are still not quite done changing, but most have started. 

Cooler days have begun, but we are still reaching mid 70s degrees for most days. 

I thought it was time for a more fall-ish quilt.     

I’ve pulled fabrics in navy, gray, mustardy yellows and gold. 


Most feature deer or vanes, arrows, wood grain and more that I thought had an earthy feel to it. 
This one is a large throw. My favorite size for the sofa. I can lie down and this quilt completely cover me head to toe. This is also my fave size to keep in my car for impromptu picnics and such. 

This quilt is ready to ship in my shop here. 


Lately, I’ve been given a slew of adorable pictures sent to me by my lovely customers. 

Most of these pics are of memory quilts and it appears that children love them. You can find all my memory quilts in a multitude of sizes and prices here. 

Thanks for the pictures. They put a big smile on my face every time I see them. 

💜, Melanie 


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