Orange Peels for a whole week

As much as I love a good orange peel quilt, I’m not crazy about making them. They are crazy tedious and there also a little boring to make.

I always cut my foundation blocks first. I use 7″ blocks. Then I cut a yard of fabric and then cut it again on the fold. I do that because of the interfacing only bring 20″ wide. Get it?

Then I iron on my interfacing to each piece and then cut out all of the peels with a template I made (nothing fancy, just paper).

The next part is the painful one. And truthfully, it’s the part if this quilt that I don’t like.  See down each orange peel to each foundation block with a zig zag stitch. This part takes FOREVER.

I don’t mind a tedious quilt with lots of different pieces and blocks to put together. But this one is simple. It’s just that one agonizingly boring and long part. I go numb sitting in my. Hair that long, I get antsy, and BORED.

Of course, as soon as that’s over and this step comes along, I’m thinking, “I love orange peel quilts!”  Cause I do!  I really TRULY do!

How could I not?  Such a simple design that has such a huge impact.


Ignore the fact that my pillows don’t match. This quilt is now heading to its new home. It doesn’t get to live here, unfortunately.  I’ll miss it.

Other things I did this week:

I redid a wall in my home. Added new art and that trunk that’s been sitting in my garage for twelve years. The accordion coat rack I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. The hubbies been complaining about the clip boards looking silly but I rather like it.

Free printable can be found here. 

I baked a coconut sour cream cake for my sons 16th birthday.

And I canned a whole bunch of chicken stock.

Have a lovely weekend!

💜, Melanie


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