Another Initial 9-patch Quilt

When someone gives me a list of colors they want their quilt to be made out of it is the BEST thing.

I am sitting on a constant pile of fabrics. And most of the time I don’t have enough hours in the day to get to use them. Most of the time I’m selling custom quilts. Letting my customers choose their own fabrics. And I do love that, but it leaves  me with a ton of leftovers.

So when a customer does not give me specific fabrics and just gives me a list of colors instead, I get to play in my stash and dig up great fabrics that I’d forgotten if had.  Equally as fun as shopping for new fabrics, but a smidgen better b/c I like things to be used and not sitting around waiting for me.

My customer chose brights. 💜

In this quilt after cutting 576 small squares I sat at machine, music on (always something folkish and similar to Bon Iver), and chain pieces over and over again.

This is how a quilt is made. Lots of the same movements and steps repeated. Hands moving, the machine stitching.

The kids will interrupt, or dinner will need to be cooked, I’ll need breaks every couple of hours to soothe my neck or my back or just not to be sitting constantly. I’ll need to move.

And then I’ll return. The quilt will be finished.

So many fabrics are in these scrappy quilts. It’s just a smogeussboard of prints.

And doesn’t it look as granny chic as it can be?

Now it’s off to its new home where I’m hoping it will be loved and cherished always.

💙, Melanie


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