The Halloween Quilt finish


I finished it.


I cut and pieced, cut and pieced.  Randomly, without a plan.  It’s dysfunctional, but I think it works.


There are ghastlies, and nevermore prints,  there are graphics I created from Spoonflower, there is QUITE A BIT of white negative space.


It most surely takes longer to piece a quilt this way.  Most of the time I’m sitting at my machine chain piecing every part I can possibly chain piecing (because that’s the way to get things done, ain’t it?), but not this quilt.  This quilt was made painfully, one block at a time.  I fussy cut, I measured, I dug out the fabric, then I tried to find scraps of fabric to be able to combine them all.

unnamed (1)

I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but it came out looking nothing like it, except for the fussy cut blocks.

I was constantly rearranging blocks  and adding strips of fabric to make everything fit together.

it was fun.


I backed with black and white gingham.  Binded with this gorgeous black and white stripe that features metallic gold dots all over it.

It’s a favorite for sure.  I think I’ll make one every year for Halloween.  Something different each time?

I’ve got it for sale in my Etsy shop here.

Have you made a Halloween quilt recently, link it below in the comments.  I’d LOVE to see yours.



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