October has arrived

I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.

– Anne of Green Gables


That perfect place between warm and cool weather.  Who doesn’t love that?

I recently had a customer with a Halloween wedding date.  She ordered one of my guest book quilts.  We worked together to come up with the fabric selections.  All Halloweenish, you see, but not your typical halloween colors.  It kept with A Victorian-esque palette.

I was simply struck.

Also, after I cut her blocks and shipped them to her ready to be signed, I was left with all these wonderful leftovers.  And after a brief hunt through my stash, I came up with other spooky fabrics I’d been harboring.


There is no plan for this quilt.  I will simply fussy cut and make any block I’d like until I run out of things to fussy cut and then it will some how come together, and hopefully in a throw size for the living room.



The first block is rather big.  24″ big.  It was supposed to be a Swoon block, but my daughter preferred it inverted, so that it what I went with.

ghastlies in the middle, and my Nevermore dictionary fabric in the middle.


The fussy cut of the witches is my favorite.  I just LOVE that witch turned to stare at you on the end.  Eek!


This owl has been in my stash for YEARS.  He finally has a purpose.


The raven print is something I created and uploaded to Spoonflower.  It actually has the whole poem of , The Raven (my favorite poem ever!).  I had it printed and intended it for a pillow cover for my daughter, Raven, but I never made it.  When I came across it in my stash, I squealed with delight.  It’s perfect for this quilt!


And this is where I’m at now.  I’ve got a few more fussy cuts.  The left side is pieced together, but the right side still needs some bits to even it out.

I know I’m going to LOVE it for years!!

If you have a Halloween quilt, please link to pictures to it.  I’ve been tearing Pinterest up in search of them.


and here is my mantle for this year.

Happy October, People!



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