Bee Hive Quilts – August and September

August and September were full of lovely blocks.

August up first.


The easiest block from the hive yet, so naturally I made two of them.

The request was monochromatic + black and white.

And since my black and white stash was full of such great fabrics, most from Pink Castle fabrics, my selections were extra fun.  I pulled out some of my Nevermore fabrics.  And the TYPEWRITERS!!!  (picture me squealing)

I really, really, loved how the blocks turned out.  The block is called ‘checkerblock’ and you can find it here.

Onto the extras…


I did my usual embroidery hoop art in bee theme.  I made this on the way home from Disney World and I tried to stick with the same colors I did the blocks in (sorta).




I also made a little tote bag for small projects.


learned how to do a recessed zipper and made some yummy pom pom garland.


So that was August.



navy, aqua, teal and low volume black and white.  So dreamy!

Another easier block.  Made up of completely flying geese.  They are all just turned different ways to create this really cool pinwheel in the middle.  It’s called the ‘spinwheel block’.  You can find the pattern here.

When I cut the triangles off my flying geese, I also sewed them altogether to make all these little extra half square triangles.  I like to think of them as happy leftovers.

Then did this with them.


Now my sweet little hive mate will have a pillow to match her quilt.

I got a little extra crafty and crocheted her a pin cushion too.




This virtual quilting bee is fun stuff!



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