A Dresden Quilt




I got an order for a dresden quilt.  I always get excited about quilts I don’t get to make very often.

This quilt called for 500 dresden blades.  I made 25 blocks.

A little secret, I mistakenly cut them too large and had cut up 840 pieces.  I had to leave some of my blades out to account for my very large dresdens.


The colors my lovely customer chose was gray, red, and navy.




I decided to try the ‘quilt as you go’ method on this quilt.  My thinking was that I don’t like quilting on top of my dresdens, but I wanted more quilting than just in between the flowers.


So here is how that works.  Instead of stitching down the flowers, then putting my blocks together, basting and then quilting, I basted all the blocks separately (top, batting, and back), then stitched my flowers down, so that they became part of the quilting.  I also did a meander in the middle of the blooms.  Then I put the blocks together.


I’ve seen this method all over pinterest.  It did save me the step of sewing the flowers down since I made that part of the quilting, but it more than made up for it with getting the quilted blocks together.  That part was hard!

Next time, I’ll just make my quilt the regular old fashioned way.  Sometimes modern ways are not better.







a beautiful quilt is a beautiful quilt.  And I am THRILLED with this one.  I am certain I’ll be using this same pattern for a new quilt for my own bed.


and even though I wasn’t crazy about the ‘quilt as you go’ method, it came with an extra special backing.

So here is my pros and cons to the QAYG method:

CONS – while putting the blocks together the effort is much more difficult with having to match seams, having to cut a little batting off every time you put blocks together is a big pain (and this was VERY necessary), the seams on the back I am not a huge fan of.

PROS – the whole step of sewing down each dresden was eliminated since I incorporated it in the quilting, basting was easier since instead of basting one large quilts I was able to baste 25 mini quilts, quilting was easier since since I basted each block one at a time, backing can be more scrappy with less time.

So there it is.

Make a quilt the method you love best.  The most important thing is that you are making a quilt and no matter which method you use or however you put it together, a quilt is a special thing indeed.



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