Another Honey Butter Quilt – this time with the sweetest fussy cuts


I am onto a new obsession.  Black and white low volume prints.  Like crazy in love, meant to be together kind of stuff.  Soul mates.

I received a couple of orders that required a scrappy stash of B&Ws, so started buying them here and there.  You might remember that I was fascinated with them at the end of last year too, but this year I’ve taken it to a whole new level.unnamed

There are SO many B&W prints!  This is not even a drop in the bucket of what I’ve been collection.

I was to make another Honey Butter quilt.  OH, how I love this quilt.  I think it’s my most favorite in my shop.

My lovely customer requested teal, black and white, mermaids, unicorns, 13 year old girly things, and zebra prints.


I took the opportunity to do some fussy cutting.


Honey Butter is made up of churn dash blocks.  The pattern is here.


The unicorn is Heather Ross, the tiny horses are Cotton & Steel, the mermaid is Sarah Jane and the bottom horse is Bari J.

I tried to give it a color palette that incorporated the teal, and added some more colors that could grow with her.  Fuchsias, pinks, mint, aquas, corals.  Don’t they look great with the B&W?


The quilt is made up of large churn dashes and small churn dashes.  For the small, I made them all with the zebra print they wanted and the black and white dots.



I just love quilting.  I’m sure that’s obvious, but really, watching a quilt come together, day by day, falling in love with it more everyday, it’s just (insert a big ol’ sigh here).




I backed it with black and white gingham (for some reason I always forget to get a picture of the back). Quilted with a meander and binded with a teal solid.


This one hurt to sent off.  I packed it up in brown paper and string and was so sad to see it go.  I know that it is going to a good home where it’s going to be loved madly.  But you put so much of yourself into the making of them.  Maybe that means I did a good job.  What could be more satisfying than putting your whole heart into something?


Every time I send one off, especially the most special ones, I always wonder what will become of it in the far away future.  As much as I enjoy stumbling across gorgeous old quilts in antique stores, I wonder who could have possibly gave it up.  Why did they not keep it?  Or hand it down to their next generation?

I hope this one beings joy and warmth for years to come.



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