Starry Patch Quilt

I’ve been quickly falling in love with novelty prints.

I used to go out of my way to avoid them, but now I find myself hoarding them.  I even created a little basket with a ‘fussy cuts’ label on it.


So when my eyes fell upon Vintage Market by Tasha Noel, I sighed dreamily and hit the purchase button with a big gulp.  I bought a few bolts that Riley Blake fabrics had left at the time, and mixed them with some of my basics that I’ve had awhile.


Girls on bikes, one of my faves!  Actually, I love all prints with bicycles on them, but if you add a basket of flowers to that bike….. ((sigh)), I might start swooning.


I’ve had a star quilt on my ‘must make’ list since I started quilting, but for some reason it always gets pushed back.  Sometimes I feel I will never finish the ‘must make’ list.  It’s in a constant state of checking things off and adding things to it.


This print reminds me of an antique fair I go to every year over in Stone Mountain.


This one, I’d like to make some of these cute little banners into stampy looking labels on a bag, pouch or pillow soon.  It’s just pure cuteness.


I made a crib size quilt.  I listed the quilt here for sale as a made to order item.  This particular quilt, I’m going to make a nursery set to match it and then have that is ready to ship.  I’ll definitely post that when I do.



I backed this one with pale pink minky.  Super soft and plush and ridiculously difficult to quilt over.

What is it about those little dimples that make quilting twice as hard?  When I quilt with minky I am always highly irritated during the process, but then once it’s done and fresh out of the dryer, it’s completely worth it.  There is nothing softer.

Is it trying to tell me something?  The best things are worth putting a little extra time into, maybe?  Probably.



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