The Priscilla Quilt – a vintage find

You know how I like vintage finds, right?  Like addicted to the hunt of finding a treasure at a steal.

I find many, MANY, vintage finds, but not always cheap enough to make me purchase them.


I found this one on Etsy, under $50.  That is pretty much the top of my price line.

A quit top.  No stains.  No holes.  Just one tiny tear on the edge that was easily repaired.  Full of 1930’s feedsack fabrics.  Score.


What made me purchase this one over the countless others on Etsy’s vintage section was the fantastic and difficult design.  Also, the colors are scrappy fabulous.

I learned from another quilter that this is called  a Priscilla block.  I was able to verify that here.  And find out that is was a Bible block, which I thought was interesting, but I really wasn’t able to find any details on the age of the actual block or how it came about, or all those other things that I’d love to know about.

And I know nothing about the maker of this quilt top.  I purchased it from a lady in Wisconsin who had nothing share with me other than the fact that it was made with 1930’s feed sack fabrics.  So it’s a mystery.


What I do know is that someone spent many hours on these blocks.  She created 88 hand pieced blocks and then sewn them all up, and added a scrappy floral border.

Was she younger or older?  Did she have any help or did she make them all herself?


Would she be pleased with the way I finished this quilt?  Would she approve of the backing?  Would she laugh or be mesmerized by how quickly I was able to get it quilted with my machine after all the time she must have spent hand piecing the blocks?


Did she give any thought whatsoever to the fact that maybe someone like me might finish her hard work one day?  And be ridiculously happy and grateful to find such a treasure?



I doubt I’ll ever know the maker of the Priscilla quilt top, but I will cherish her work and mine forever.  I will adore every stitch and keep my feet warm underneath our quilt, and I will wonder about her every time I do.



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