Customer Pictures



Every now and then I get the pleasure of opening up an email from a customer and them including a picture of something I made them being used and loved.  Here are a few of those recent pictures.


happy place by lizzardlatte 1

happy place by lizzardlatte 2


This one above is my Happy Place quilt.  You can find it in my shop here.

hawaiian quilt 2

hawaiian quilt


The two above is a custom quilt.  My sweet customer chose all Hawaiian fabrics (a rare request), but I enjoyed playing with them and mixing them altogether very much.  You can create your own custom patchwork quilt here.

julia bliss teething guard


This one was for a custom teething guard.  It’s available in my shop right here.

mendoza memory quiltAnd this last one is of a memory quilt.  Always a pleasure to see.

If you are interested in a memory quilt made from your children’s clothing, then check out all the info and sizes here.

Thanks for all those who send me pictures.

Very soon I will be announcing a photo contest with the grand prize being a lap size quilt.  Stay tuned!




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