Bee Hive Quilts – My Finished Quilt + July

After I received my Double Star blocks from my fellow bee mates, I was 2 blocks short of having enough to use 20 blocks on my quilt top.  So I dug through the stash to find the perfect fabrics.



During my reign as queen of May, I noticed that I really loved the fussy cut blocks the most, so I wanted to include that in the last 2 blocks, but also I could tell by this point which colors were lacking compared to the other colors.

The text print in this one is a mystery to me.  It was gifted by a fellow quilter, but I just LOVE it.  It’s all in french.


I am a quilter and have been for years, but you would be surprised at my personal lack of quilts.  I have one on most beds in my house, and of course my shop is covered in quilts, but I didn’t have but a few antique quilts in my living room.  Weird, right?  I aim to solve this issue and make myself several quilts in the future.

I cannot thank my bee mates enough for the wonderful blocks they sent, for the time, effort and love they put into every stitch.  I am smitten with the block design (that you can find free here), and my color palette, which is all my current fave colors.  I just love, love, love, everything about it.

Once I started putting it together, I noticed something rather wonderful…


A secondary design.

Now the whole bee was based on blocks that came with a secondary design, and while this sat on my design wall for over a month, I though the secondary design was that triangle square shape towards the bottom of the pic above, not noticing at all the lovely four patch star.

Just an extra little gift!


Because of my obsession with text fabric, I used a 6.5″ border all the way around.  This is Frances Newcombe’s Telegrammes fabric.  I put my blocks in 4 rows of 5.  It’s on it’s side in the pic above if you are confused.

The quilt ends up measuring 60×72 inches, perfect for cuddling up with on the sofa.  This is about my fave size quilt, small enough to drag around with you and fold up small if you need to, but big enough have a picnic on or cover me almost head to toe.



On the back, I used a navy print from Art Gallery and 2 blocks that didn’t quite match up in color to the others, but were too gorgeous and well made to not include.


I quilted in a gold and red variegated thread.  It’s metallic and really sparkles without taking away from the quilt design.


And here is where my quilt now lives.  Ready for snuggling with my every sit down on the sofa.



Our queen of July chose this gorgeous Autumn Chain block.  Find it here.

There were no color specifics to worry about, she only wanted it to be monotone whatever color you used.

It is ALOT of fun to pick out monotone fabrics.  I think this might be the first time I’ve ever done a block in monotone.

I dug through my stash looking for the perfect aqua/blues to complement each other and I was very, very happy with the results.

I really love the beautiful star this block makes.

I also made our queen a little embroidery hoop and sent a couple of extras.

Well, that’s it for bee news, until next time.



2 thoughts on “Bee Hive Quilts – My Finished Quilt + July

  1. Hi Melanie, I just thought I drop by and let you know that I love how your bee quilt turned out! It inspired me to choose the block as my bee block this year. I was looking for a rendition in the colours purple – lavender – orange – yellow – aqua BUT my hive mates got carried away and did not quite adhere to it. I am in the process of making additional blocks now but thought you might like knowing that your quilt inspired my block choice. Warm greetings from Berlin.

    Here the link to my post in case you wanted to have a peek =)

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