The AMC Tv Swap + Learning to Embroider

I needed letters.  Letters that read out “Look at the Flowers” for a tagline on my mini quilt.  It’s from that infamous episode of The Walking Dead.

I had no intentions of making something gory for this swap.  I dislike gory on quilts even if I do enjoy the show.

So I knew I wanted to make the flowers and I needed the tagline.


I used this tutorial for my flowers, but shrunk it down a bit.  And used ribbons for the stem.

I ADORE these cute little flowers and I have to make a whole quilt of them.

But back to the letters….

Piecing them was just not gonna happen, and appliqueing them did not feel right either, so I decided it was high time I learned to embroider.

I watched some videos on Creative Bug.  Embroidery is a VERY easy skill to do, it just takes a lot of practice to get awesome at it.

I am NOT awesome at it.  But I think I got the job done.


I ended up appliqueing some zombie hands just to make things a little fun.  Still not gory.


And then I did some matchstick quilting.  Eek!!



I always say this, but I think it might be my favorite mini ever that I personally have made.

It was SO much fun.

I almost regretted signing up for this swap, because it was so themed and trying to incorporate a TV show on a mini seemed impossible, but I’m glad I did.  An idea finally blossomed in my head after hours and hours of thought and I was more than happy with the finished result.

And then of course, I became obsessed with embroidery.


I sent this along with my The Walking Dead mini.  A homage to Daryl’s jacket.





So you can clearly see that embroidery has taken up oodles of my spare time.  I find myself doing it on drives, by the pool, in front of the TV at night.  And yes, look how quickly I put a box together and bought dozens of floss.

Obsessed.  And in love.



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