Bee Hive Quilts – May & June

I’ve been slacking on my Bee Hive posts.  I’m not sure why since I have had the MOST fun with being part of a bee.  The giving is fun, but in May I was the queen and I don’t think it could have been more fun.

All month long, I was not only treated to beautiful blocks, but lots of quilty presents as well.

I have now received all blocks, but two.  Once I receive those, I will get started on my quilt ASAP.  I’m so excited.

Here is all that I have received so far.










How is that for being generous?  You’ll note that several of them sent two blocks which was a big surprise and that all of them sent such lovely packages of sweetness.  I could not be more grateful.


And then here is the design wall so far.  I’ve got my original 6 blocks mixed in there as well.

Are they not beautiful?  I am dying with impatience to finish it.  I’m thinking there will be a text border all the way around to make it a little bigger.  It’s going to go on my sofa to brighten up my very BROWN living room with  a serious pops of color.  I’ve already chosen some new fabric to make for curtains and some new pillows for the sofa as well.

Now for the June block that I sent out.

June’s queen, a super lovely lady, chose the same block as me.

But her colors were super feminine in shades of plum, fucshia, coral, and chartreuse.



Earlier last month, I had myself a little dilemma with a mini I was working on for another swap I was involved in.

The mini needed some letters and the thought of piecing them was too daunting.  So I ended up trying something I never had before:  embroidery.  (YOu will see the mini I am speaking of soon).

Once I started, I could not stop.  And I thought it would make such a wonderful bee present for June’s queen.


Done in her colors, of course.  The bee I traced from one of my pins on Pinterest.  See my whole board of embroidered goodies here.


And here is her whole package.  She was also given one of my dresden pillows I finished lately.

But the block!  The block was hard to part with.  It stared at me from my design wall for a good week and I might have had a pouty face as I packed it up.  I really liked  gazing at it, you see.



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