Dresden Pillows & Quilt Ladders

I’ve been busy.  Busy working on orders and busy trying to use up scraps on new small projects.

Pillows first.


My scrap stash is pretty immense.  Like I could go a year without purchasing any fabric and still make something every day of that year.  I’m not bragging, I’m more drowning.  I don’t like it piling up, but I can’t throw it away.

When I do pull from it, you can’t even tell something is missing.  I sometimes feel like a hoarder and get stressed about it.

And sometimes I find something that I didn’t know I had that is just perfect for whatever project I’m rummaging for.

These are the times that I like having a big stash.

If you can get past the constant clutter that is.


I’m rambling….  I made three half dresden pillows, one I gave away and the two pictured here are for sale in my Etsy shop.  Both are made with the just the most eye popping colors and fabrics.DSCN0909_renamed_20102


I go back and forth on how I make pillows.  I’m never completely happy with any one way, but I think I finished these in a way that makes me very happy.


I cut one big piece, the size I needed (not front and 2 pieces like I normally do), then quilted all over it.  I then sewn the dresden down.


I used two pieces of binding to do the edges of the envelope closure.

The folded it up how it should go and then I serged it closed.  I normally don’t like pillows serged, but with the batting it made it a nice THICK clean serge that turned out perfectly.


There are in my shop here and here, ready to ship.

yellow bloom


My husband has opened up a wood shop on Etsy.  Find it here.  I finally talked him into adding a quilt ladder.  Because I’ve wanted one for so long.  And every time I find one at an antique store or flea market, they are always too narrow.  I needed one to not only display my quilts, but also store them, so it won’t looks too crowded on the couch.


He finally made me one.  I’ve listed this in my quilt shop as well.  They are made to order and are available in the colors: aqua, vintage white, and stained wood.

Doesn’t he do a nice job on the distressing?DSCN0897


Find the quilt ladders here.

One last thing—  We are having a big big sale all week long for July 4th, so go treat yourself to some comfy cozy.

Details are in the shop banner.



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