Recent Swaps – Sent and Received

This past month was a deadline for two very awesome swaps I participated in.

The first one was the Alison Glass Swap.  Everything had to be made with Alison Glass fabric.

I’d never used it before, but LOVED it.


I made the Precious Pearl block from Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  It was a paper piecing pattern, but I ended up just piecing it together without the paper, figuring out the little tiny triangle sizes.


There were some uber tiny pieces!


The colors of the fabrics were so rich and vibrant, beautiful saturated prints.  I feel like they really popped against the text on white background.




I went with a scrappy binding since I only had fat quarters of this fabric line.

I quilted in a fun way and I wish I had a pic of the back to show you, but there are twirly whirlies and stars pattern.


And here is the whole package I sent out with all the goodies included.

That pin cushion was the first one I’d ever made.  I used some of the extra leftover triangles for it and filled it with crushed pecan shells.  It was fun!

And here is the mini I received in return….


yellow bloom

The other swap that ended this month was the Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap.

Inspiration hit hard on this one and I enjoyed more than any other swap I’ve participated in.


My partner had put the Hazel Hedgehog pattern on her mosaic for inspiration.  I pieced her together and put a wide border around her.

I felt like I she wasn’t enough, and I DID NOT want to make more hazels.  I did not enjoy the pattern and kept making mistakes like a big dummy.  My fault of course, the pattern should have been easy to follow.

My partner was very much into quotes.  She posts alot of quotes, she writes beautiful quotes in journals, so I decided I had to give Hazel a quote.

I took a quote that my partner had pinned on Pinterest, and made it my own (and about quilting too!).



I had the quote made with the help of photoshop and spoonflower then just zig zag stitched it on.  I was SO nervous.

Because now I’ve made my mini super personal and my partner could hate it.

I also added something pretty for her hair with some crochet flowers.


And some tassels, because why not?  There are alot of hazel hedgehogs out there and I really wanted this one to stand out and be one of a kind.

Can you tell how much fun I had?


I also tried a few things I’d never done before.




I had fun hunting down all the hedgehog goodies.  The little book on the right is filled with hedgehog sticky pads, and the buttons.  I loved those.  Then a new journal, some crochet goodies, I turned the hedgehog cross stitch into a little pouch, and then some small extras to go with.

Here is what I received in return….


I was pretty happy with this mini.  I REALLY loved the fussy cuts.  That little rabbit is just so cute!  I liked that it was dark since most of my minis up to this point had been light, now I have a good mix.


Here is the current mini wall, always changing.



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