New Rag Quilts in the shop

I’ve not been keeping up with the new quilts I’ve cranked out lately like I should.  Particularly, the rag quilt.  I tend to forget them sometimes.






I have been just dying to get my hand’s on these Amy Butler fabrics called Violette.  This color palette is exactly what I’m into lately which tends to be anything that has the color orange in it with it’s thousand varying shades.  Coral is my favorite shade of orange, but this one is just a nice softer shade of orange that has me rethinking things a bit.

This collection has many florals as most Amy Butler collections do, but there is quite a bit of prints that would work for boys and just remove some of the florals.  The color palette I would say is very gender neutral.

You can see my quilts in these fabrics here.




And you have see me use these prints before.  They are mostly Bonnie Christine fabrics, but I’ve added a little bit to them.  I call it Honey Honey.

The prints feature bees, deer, flowers, honeycombs and lots of other sweet little things.  The colors are just perfect for spring and summer with just a hint of navy blue.

I’m not normally a fan of the color red, but the little fawn print is a great shade of an orange-er red that I love.  I actually put that print on my dining room chairs last summer.

You can find everything in this fabric collection here.



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