A Bag for Mom and Customer Pictures

Last summer I finished a custom order for a bed runner.  It was my first one.  A week or so ago that customer sent me these amazing pictures of her gorgeous bedroom.




Pretty incredible bedroom, yes?  And what an eye for style she has.

The bed runner I made was all done in linen.  Something I had never worked with, but LOVED.  And I think it works well in quilts.  I didn’t have any problems with.  It was thick and soft all at the same time.  Also, this was the first project that I used a walking foot on.

FYI:  I do not like using a walking foot for large projects when quilting.

I do have this item in my shop here.

yellow bloom

For Mother’s Day, my mom asked for a handmade bag.  I don’t make many bags, so of course, I groaned internally.

Bags and my mom are the reason I even quilt for a living.  There the reasons I have a shop at all.  I’ll tell you a super quick story.

I asked my husband for a sewing machine for Christmas in 2008.  I wanted to make pillow shams for my sofa and my bed, for my kids rooms, for my porch, you get the idea.  I learned how to make them in 7th grade Home Ec. class and I was certain I still remembered.  I did and the shams got made.


My mom bought me a bag pattern and some fabric so I could make her a bag way back when in 2009.  I did.  Loved it and began making many of them.  They were not good.  In fact, they were pretty awful.

She worked at a florist, my mother, and all her co-workers wanted bags too, so I sold all my horribly awful bags that i would be embarrassed of today.  Mom, still carries around her old ones sometimes, much to my frustration.  She also tells everyone her daughter made it for her which is embarrassing, but sweet.

Embarrassing, because the bag is so bad.

I quit making bags and I started making quilts and then of course, 6 years has passed.  So when she asked for a bag, and I groaned, but then I thought okay.  A little redemption for my bag making and also, she’ll have a new bag to carry around and won’t need to carry around the awful old ones that embarrass me.


And I’ve gotten better.  In 6 years, your sewing skills can improve greatly.  I’m still not a genius at bag making, but I think I can get the job done.

If you are new to sewing, I promise you, if you stay at it you will get better.  It will get easier and hopefully, you will love it as much as I do.


These fabrics are from Katarina Rocellos’ Recollection fabrics.  I am IN LOVE with them.  Maybe more than any other fabric line I’ve ever held in my hands, because you see, all my favorite colors are here.  You got the never ending fave of navy blue, you got your coral (a must), silver which goes with all, and this yummy mustardy yellow.

There is more fabrics in this line than you see in my mom’s bag.  I just used scraps for her bag, so she didn’t get all of them included.

If you are interested in the bag:  I pieced random patchwork until it measured 18.5″ wide and 14.5″ tall.  Easy peasy.

The straps are cotton webbing that I did a decorative stitch down the middle of them.  They measure 30″, so my mom can carry the bag on her shoulder.

I quilted with a walking foot (blah) so I could do some wavy matchstick quilting.  It was a small project so the quilting didn’t bug me since I was using that walking foot.  I don’t like it you see (except when binding).

But I do love the quilting on the bag and the texture was just amazing on it.

Mom loved it!



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