Finishing up a Vintage Quilt


I make SO MANY memory quilts.  It’s one of the main things that keeps food on my table.

I had one of the sweetest customers ever purchase a memory quilt and when I opened her box, I did not find clothing.

Instead I found heaps of vintage fabrics.

She had been giving some of her grandmother’s things or maybe found them (can’t remember), and she wanted them made up in a quilt.  No problem!  Or it wouldn’t have been a problem until inside the heaps of feed sack fabrics and unusual little prints, I find a completed quilt top.

A finished quilt top.  All of the hard work of piecing already done.  The only thing left to do was add the batting, and backing, quilt it and bind it.  That’s it.

I must tell you I was pretty excited.  I LOVE vintage and I have found dozens of vintage linens that I have purchased and some quilt tops and blocks that I wanted to purchase, but was just too damaged.

This quilt top was perfect.  Perfectly preserved, taken care of, loved, and carefully tucked and hidden away and then forgotten about.

I talked my sweet little customer (who turned out to only live 1.5 hours away from me) into letting me finish it for her.

How could I have cut into and destroyed her grandmother’s quilt top?

She was thrilled (thankfully)!


It was a string block pattern.  I can’t tell you when it was made.  The fabrics are very old, some are feed sack and I’m not experienced enough with vintage fabrics to claim an age for them.  But I know that I loved them.


There was one seam in the whole quilt that needed repairing on one of the edges.

The quilt top was also not perfectly square.  Not sure if this was just an age thing or I was also thinking that today we have such great tools today to make things square and back when this beauty was made maybe that wasn’t the case.

So I had to do some creative sewing to fix that issue.  I did not want to alter the work of this fine quilter in any way.


I did free motion quilt it with meandering stipples.  This is probably not very vintage-ish, but it’s kinda my thing and the style of quilting I do best and I wanted my very best work to go into getting this finished.


I must tell you how much I enjoyed this project.  Completing the unfinished work of another quilter just meant so much to me.  I felt honored to even be getting to do this in the first place and it gave me such a good feeling to get to do it as well.  If I leave a quilt top after I pass, I want it finished by somebody who loves quilting just as much as I do.



This quilt has made it back home to its family where I KNOW it will be loved and cherished.


All Ms. Taylor’s own fabrics were used in this quilt.  She had enough for the back and the binding.  The only thing that went into that belonged to me was the thread and the batting and of course every bit of my heart. 🙂

finish my grandmother's quilt

Because I loved this project so much, I decided to make it a part of my shop.

If you are sitting on top of an old quilt top left to you from a loved one and you are looking for somebody to finish it for you, I am your girl.  Read more about the process here or here.

In the meantime, I needed more vintage yummies to complete so I purchase some.  Eek!  You are sure to see them soon.



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