Log Cabin Party

While in search of vintage quilts, I found an idea I had never heard of before, friendship quilts.

You collect blocks from other quilters, signed with their name and location.  You send them one, and they send you one and so on and so on with as many blocks as you need to complete the size quilt that you want, which is totally up to you.

The best part of a swap like this is YOU decide how many blocks you want to make, when you want to make them, who you want to swap with and all other details.  There are no deadlines, no rush, nobody to check in with.  YOU are responsible for yourself and your own blocks.


this block and tutorial comes courtesy of Notes of Sincerity blog.

You will note that she has put the measurements to cut on the individual pieces and numbered them in order of how they should be put together.  This is just a basic log cabin block that will measure 8.5″.  Write your name in the middle block and where you are from.  I’m using a fabric marker to do so on mine.

Many of us has already begun swapping these.  Some folks have fabric ideas and lots of others are open to anything.


these are some that I just finished this weekend.  Anything goes.  You can use prints, or solids, but please use cotton, so everyone will be happy with the block they receive.

This is a swap that began on Instagram, so you may need to have an account to participate.

So how do you find people to swap with?

Here is my original post.  Tell everyone there that you want to participate or go find others on that list who want to participate.  Send them a DM on instagram and swap your details.

This is open to international swappers as well, so if you don’t want to ship internationally then ask first before you agree to swap.

Please use the #logcabinparty to share your pictures of the blocks you send and receive.  Also, spread the word.  The more swappers, the more blocks we will all get.

Remember that there is no reason to check in with me.  There is nobody in charge.  You decide your own rules.


I’m keeping a list of everyone I agree to swap with, putting a check beside their name once I ship their blocks and then when I get a block from them, I plan on crossing their names out.

This is going to be fun and can go on as long as you want it to go on or keep it going on.

Can’t wait to see all your #logcabinparty blocks.  I’m @southerncharmquilts if you care to share or have questions.



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