The Bee Hive Quilts – May Queen Bee




Well, it’s May and that means I’m queen for my Bee Hive Quilt Swarm.  This is my very first bee ever and my first time being queen, so I’m pretty excited.

Before I ever knew what block I was doing, I knew the color palette.  I had thought about it all April.
Coral/orange/peach, golden yellow, navy blue, and mint green.


I started keeping a little art journal or I should say a quilt journal since that is what it is becoming.

I chose the double star quilt block by Christa Creates.


I don’t start many quilts this way, but because it mattered where each of the fabrics went, this is how I kept up with things.  I made 6 blocks.  That sounds like too many, but I found in my stash so many fabrics that I could not say no to or pass up on, so 6 blocks is what we went with.

Each clothes pin holds every piece I need for the block.


Lots of firsts with these blocks.  I’ve never made a more complicated block.  I tend to stick with 2x2s or 3x3s, but this baby was 5×5, so yeah.  Also, this sounds just awful since I’ve been quilting since 08′, but this is the very first time that I can recall that I have made flying geese (there is also a nifty way of making them in that tutorial above).


Oh!  These fabrics own me!


All my blocks have white or cream background.  They all feature a text fabric in the same places.  The middle of every block is different than all the other fabrics used and all the other prints used are very saturated in color so they will pop.


I am in love!  This is an amazing block.  I will admit that it did kick my butt a little.  I wouldn’t say that any of blocks came out perfect.  They are almost all wonky, some a little shy of 12.5″.  Things like that will just tear me up, but they are so pretty…..

I used lots of newly acquired fabrics for these.  That navy plaid for Maureen Cracknell, oh!  The trippy fabric on the far left from Katarina Rochella!  C & S!  Oh, and maybe my all time favorite text fabric in that script by Francis Newcombe (I’ve gushed about that one before).


I keep staring at them now and await blocks from my fellow bees to add to the design wall.  I cannot wait to have this quilt finished.  A quilt for me!  I never make those.

I’ll probably posts several times this month on this bee, so I can show the blocks as they come in.



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