Initial Nine Patch Quilt

initial nine patch quilt

I know that this is an extremely simple quilt.  Not much thought went into the design and even a beginner quilter could accomplish this, but it is definitely in my all time favorite quilts I’ve completed.

I made this for my 10 year old nephew and gifted it to him yesterday at this party.


I did not choose my best fabrics for it.  I wish I could tell you I did, but really I chose fabrics that had been sitting in my suitcase stash for years, fabrics I never used because I either did not like them or couldn’t find a use for.

You know that I make many many custom quilts and I let my customers choose their own fabrics.  Many times fabrics get chosen that I would NEVER choose.  This is okay, we all have different tastes, but every time I end up with scraps from almost every project and after a while they start to pile up.

Most of these fabrics I would consider unusable, not all.  Some of them have a color I don’t use often or a design I can’t find a use for or I simply don’t like them.

Still, I’ve saved them.  And they have sat, waiting for a purpose.


I wanted this quilt to be funky, in boyish colors, and have a kind of hodge podge feel to it.  Mixey Matchy.  Over the top scrappy.  The more different the fabrics the better.

I don’t normally put nine patches together this way, it takes longer, but since this quilt was to be scrappy, it was a must.

The colors were:  navy, aqua, orange, green and gray, and some light blue, cream and white.


After I chose and cut the fabrics, I had a moment of panic.  It did not look good, but by the time I got the blocks made, I knew all would be okay.

Do you do this?  Second guess yourself to death like me?  Hate a project and then love it?

For the letter block, I used Moda’s alphabet tutorial and then I just added some to the sides of the block until it measures 9.5″.    The alphabet blocks are listed on a multitude of sights and you have to go to each blog for a different letter.  It’s a bit of a pain since it doesn’t tell you which blog has which letter, but the tutorials themselves are very good and easy.


So I thought I’d do a quick tutorial if you want to make a similar quilt.

The quilt measures approx. 62″ square.  It holds 48 nine patch blocks that measure 9,5″ and one letter block.  For the letter block tutorial, you must go to the Moda site.

For the nine patches, you will need (24) 3.5″ x WOF strips.

Subcut your strips into 3.5″ blocks.  You should get 9 blocks per strip.  Each strip will make 2 of your nine patch blocks.

I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I pressed all seams open for the blocks.

Once all your blocks are made, lay out your blocks in rows of 7×7.  Remember that you have 48 blocks and one initial block.  You can put the initial block anywhere you choose.

Stitch your rows together first and press your seams alternating per row.

Your quilt top should measure around 62″ square.

I cut my backing and batting each 70 inches square.  Baste and quilt as preferred.

You need a half yard for binding.  Cut 7 strips of 2.5 inches to make your binding.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


I quilted with my usual meandering stitch.


Isn’t it awesome how all those barely usable fabrics came together for such a great quilt?


And it just feels so boyish!

initial nine patch quilt


If you would like me to make you an Initial Nine Patch in colors of your choosing and with you own initial (or somebody’s that you love) please see here for details.

Thanks for reading!!



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