Redemption for Wobbly Quilt

Do you remember Wobbly quilt?

I was so disappointed in it.  It was more work than most of my quilts and then because of my choices on background fabrics, it just kinda went, “flop.”  This happens.

This past January, I received an email for someone wanting a custom Wobbly quilt and I just smiled.  Finally, I could give that quilt a bit of redemption.

My customer wanted a funky quilt and she wanted the background to be black and white prints.

I could not have been more thrilled.  It’s so nice to make a quilt that you really, really want to make.


She wanted it in the some of my Amy Butler fabrics, but most of it came from my stash (the ones I added in) and I used some of my best stuff.

IMG_0778 IMG_0784

I had been collecting black and white low volume fabrics for a while now.  Keeping them stacked up on a shelf while staring at them, occasionally take them out just to drool over them.

This quilt took all of them.  Every last bit of fabric I have in black and white low volume went into this quilt.




I simplified the pattern a little bit, making it easier to piece.  I also quilted with FMQ instead of the wavy lines like I did the last Wobbly quilt.




Do you agree that this one is much better this time around?


I must be honest…  I pictured this one on my bed, even the hubs liked it and he usually thinks my quilts are too busy.


It’s on it’s way to Missouri now and will hopefully bring warmth to someone who will love it as much as I do.


Do you see the black and white gems?  Those mustaches, the script fabrics, fleur de lis, stitchy lines, and more text fabrics!  Oh and the scissor print!  Ugh!  I have to keep repeating myself that fabrics are meant to be used not stared at on a shelf.  I’ll just have to start collecting them again.


So let me tell you about the back of the quilt.  I feel like it went in the funky direction just as the top did.  My customer didnt give me any thoughts on backing, it was left up to me (which I LOVE and prefer).  Especially on a quilt with this many pieces, by the time you get the top done, you just want to be done and not have to go piecing the back of it.  I am not a fan of piecing together fabrics for the back of the quilt.  It looks great and all, but I’m tired of it already.  Ya, know?

So I decided on the hand dyed yellow which I rarely use and had a big huge stack of.

There were two different pieces and I stitched them together assuming they were the same size.  WRONG!  I was 20″ off, so I cut a block that would fill the gap, did a Y seam and fit it in.

It might have been a mistake, but I really like the back of this quilt and it has a cute little story to go with it.


And what is a scrappy quilt without scrappy binding?

If you would like a Wobbly quilt of your own, please see here.

Thanks for reading this crazy long post!



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