Whip a Wheel Quilt

whip a wheel quilt

Another finished scrappy quilt.

Have I told you how much I love scrap quilts?  I like rummaging for the fabrics in my stash, finding the ‘perfect’ ones.  I think most quilters will say choosing fabrics is one of their favorite parts and I will say the same.

I like that my scraps are getting used.  Slowly.  But still, I’m not tossing them.  I keep them.  I pet them.  I stare at them.  And finally find a way to find them a home.

Inspiration for quilt here.

DSCN0746 DSCN0743

Another reason I like scrap quilts is that I don’t stress so much about the color palette.  Sometimes there is even a lack of rules.  They just usually come out wonderful without all the fuss.

My only “rule” for this quilt was, “does it look pretty with the pink background.”  If it did, I used it.

The pink is from Riley Blake.

This is a lap quilt and it measures just over 60″ square.  I like square quilts.  They look great on the back of sofas.

It’s quilted with a tight meander pattern.

There are 392 pieces in this quilt top.

The backing is a dark pink floral.


It has a scrappy binding as well.  Just to keep it going on it’s scrap theme and to continue not wasting.



Delicious colors and fabrics were used for this quilt.  Colors include purple, teal, aqua, lavender, gray, and bits of other colors as well.


Pattern to come soon.


This quilt is for sale in my shop here.

You can also customize your own quilt just like this one in your fave colors and size here.


Also finished this week are these lovelies.


DSCN0739 DSCN0738


In efforts to clear some of my larger stash I have made up several ‘strippy quilts’.  Very simple quilt tops that just show off fabrics instead of being a complicated quilt.  I’ve backed them with a very plush backing in tan and quilted them with a tight meander pattern.  Find this quilt here.







You’ve seen me use the Rapture fabrics before, but I haven’t made them in a patchwork quilt yet.  This quilt was for a custom order, but I have listed it in my shop here, as a made to order quilt.

I just adore these fabrics by Pat Bravo.  They are just candy coated loveliness.






Whenever I make a smaller custom quilt, like throws, crib quilts or even a twin, I have to make something smaller to go with it.

If I don’t my washing machine gets angry and off kilter.  When I have smaller orders close by, I just make those a little early and wash with the quilt I finished.  If not, I grab some scrap blocks and whip up a quick quilt.  This is where almost all my ready to ship rag quilts come from.

This is an old Art Gallery FAbric collection called Cosette (I think).  One of my all time faves.

This is a small baby quilt measuring 35×35 inches.  It is for sale here.

If you made it to the end of this uber long post, thanks!



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