My Studio

The end of last summer, my amazing husband startedturned our drab basement into a new studio for me.   He finished it in December.  It quadrupled the size of my old studio.  So not only was I overly excited about a new room, but all the ways to decorate that room came floating to my mind as well.  Now, how I ever managed to fit into that tiny 12×12 ft. room is a mystery.


There are a few drawbacks to moving to our basement. 1.) there are no windows.  2.) it’s cold down there all year long and finally 3.) the kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms was already down here so they were not joyful about my taking over their space, regardless of whether they ever used it or not (we are still adjusting to being roomies).

The old room was carpeted with ugly paneled walls, but we’ve tiled the floors and used wood beams for the walls.


The shelving was a big deal since the room is just a big open space with one tiny closet under the stairway.  I designed these shelves and my husband built them (in like 3 hours.  he’s quick.).

I’ve got it a little junkier than what I had envisioned in my head, but I ran out of baskets quickly and am buying them here and there as I can.  There is space on the top for baskets, in the middle and on the bottom if needed.  The baskets hold lots and lots of supplies, like thread or rulers, trims, shipping supplies, smaller cuts of fabric.  Just lots of stuff I have to have.

I hate the way the finished quilts look on top, but I still haven’t found their perfect place and am working on it.


I still have a hodge podge of different tables.  This will change in the future since I plan on going to one huge table, but until then, I have a desk for my sewing machine and computer, a desk for the serger, and the table for cutting, plus there is another small table the printer sits on.  Lots and lots of tables.  This is always the messiest place in the room as well.  I like having stuff near me.

And those stacks of fabrics are quilts I am about to work on or in the process of working on.


The design wall.  It’s not much, just a piece of batting tacked on to the wall.  It’s still holding my FW quilt blocks (which I haven’t worked on in quite some time).

This little shelf below is batting and backing for rag quilts, that we keep pre-cut.  The shelf below that holds fabrics for custom orders.



I have the ironing board right up against my desk.  I use the iron often so it’s a good place for it, but also when I am quilting large quilts, it’s nice to have another space to drape the quilt over as I work so it’s not falling to the floor.

I bought those trays very recently and they hold projects I am working on.  I have several of them and it makes stopping and starting easier when everything I need is right in that tray.



This is the second of the shelving we built.  It came within the last month since the first one wasn’t enough to hold all my bolts of fabric.

I usually keep 2 bolts of batting.  A 90″ and a 120″.


This part is the place I stress most about.  My stash.  I don’t know why I let this stress me out so much.  God forbid, it gets disorganized.  It kinda still looks disorganized to me, but I promise it is very very painfully been sorted and organized and kept up.

When I envisioned this space, I saw my crates wooden, but kind of the same way.  The wooden crates were just ridiculously expensive in the size I needed so I opted for these milk crates.  I got them at in a set of 6 for just $24.  I really couldn’t beat that, so I bought two sets and stuck a cheap painted shelf in between them.

This holds small cuts of fabric.  Most of these cuts are anywhere from a quarter to a half yard.


I have them wrapped around and pinned onto a piece of foam core board that I get here.  This is the best price that I’ve been able to find.  Then I’ve arranged them by color.  You’ll notice that some of them have multiple cuts of fabric on them, and that is when I don’t have enough foam core boards.  I’m working on that.

When I want to keep a fabric collection together or I have large cuts of it, I have them folded and placed on the little bookshelf.

On top of all this, is very small cuts of fabric.  Such as 6″ blocks, I don’t know why I have so many of these, but that’s what those stacks are.  I also have a whole basket of 7″ blocks.  I have a basket of fat quarters.  I haven’t always bought these, but I’m slowly coming round to them.  There is also a basket of patterns up there.


So this.  This looks horribly disorganized, but only b/c there is so much in there.  It’s actually all arranged by color and works for me very well.  Everything in the vintage suitcase is strips.  The strips range from 2.5-6″.  I LOVE strips.  They are my favorite thing to work with and the majority of the time if I’m working on a scrappy project, I am pulling from this part of my stash.  Most are width of fabric, but as I use them, I will put the remainder back in the pile and just cut what I need from the strip.

If I could only save one thing of fabric from all the fabrics in my studio it would be the suitcase.


The mantle.

It holds mostly books and magazine, but I also have large quart size mason jars that I’ve attached chalk board labels to holding 2-5″ blocks.  This is another newer addition, but it’s working out very well.

If I’m working on a project that needs a bunch of 2″ blocks, I just go pull a jar.


So this is my favorite or most comfy spot in the room.  The most comfortable sofa man ever created lives here in dark olive green.  I nap here often.  That’s an old vintage quilt from my husband’s great grandmother and a few fresh quilts as well.  I’m hoping to replace all the pillow shams with quilty ones.  Soon.  This is also where I put all my mini quilts.

This is also where my kids will chill and chat with me or lay about and bug me depending on their moods.

The black box beside the sofa is a little heater pointed toward’s my sewing table.  It gets a bit chilly down here.

And behind it is several bolts of muslin that I’ve stuck there since I can’t seem to find a more proper place for them.


And then here is the opposite view.

The lighting isn’t ideal for pictures as I’m sure you can tell, but we are working on that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour.



3 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. My dear, thats not a stash its a small store. Can I come live with you? I am short I can sleep on the couch. Really, It is a wonderful space, and I really envy you.

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