The Bee Hive Quilts – March

This month in the Bee Hive Quilts, we were to make the Wanta Fanta block.  It’s this really cool block with a twist on the orange peel block.

Our queen wanted scrappy, but for us to stay in a certain color palette, incorporating greens, blues, and lavenders.

unnamed (2)

I am a scrappy junkie so I was pretty excited about this one and I pulled some faves.

unnamed (3)

This was another paper piecing block and I did have a bit of trouble with this one, but I worked through it and made it.  The trouble I had was my pieces were cut a little smaller than I needed them to be.  When I’m paper piecing I like to have everything larger than I needed to account for some fabric sliding on the first stitch.  Just a little insurance.

unnamed (4)

Pretty gorgeous, huh?  That script fabric owns me.  I know I’ve gone on about it before.  It’s by Frances Newcombe.  I’m dying to make curtains with it.  I can’t wait to see the queen’s finished quilt.  The blocks she has are all playing together very nicely.  Have a look for yourself on instagram @Michaelannn.

unnamed (5)

I feel like an extra handmade gift is always necessity, plus it gives me something to make other than quilts.  This was Jeni Baker’s lined drawstring bag here.  Surprisingly very quick and easy.  I hope I get to make some more of these bags.


unnamed (1)

And of course a few more extras so that she can open up her gift and be surprised and feel like the queen.  A tin, a notebook, a candle, the bag, block and quilt label for our group, oh and a few scraps.  What quilter can have enough of those?

I think I’ve found myself a new hobby:  putting little gifts together and hoping to make someone smile.  I really like it!!



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