Elsa Medallion Quilt is Complete

I finished her!

I’m not sure if it is because this quilt was a gift for a dear niece or if because it has Elsa on the front of it, or if it’s just because I took my time and enjoyed the making of this quilt so much, but it might be my favorite quilt I’ve ever made.


I’ve said before that the scrappy pinwheels are my favorite and they still are.  I’m crazy about how they turned out.

The only thing I might have done differently were the snowflake blocks.  I wasn’t 100% sold on how those turned out.  I wished I’d left them asterisks instead of adding the corners to make them look circular.


This quilt measured 60″ square.  And it is my very first medallion quilt.  I can finally check that off my list.


I quilted it with an all over meandering stitch on my machine using the bernina stitch regulator.


If you would like to make this same quilt.  I have a tutorial here.


So how did little Aliyah like her quilt?  Well, she’s 8 an it’s a quilt.  My expectations were not extremely high.  She petted it and smiled and hugged me, but there were toys to be played with.  She had a Frozen party and all her gifts were Frozen themed.

She will hopefully have the quilt all of her life and every time she covers up with it in years to come she will think of me and remember that I loved her enough to put such time into a gift for her.  Hopefully.

aliyah bday label

This is the label that went on her quilt just to remind her in the years to come.

Isn’t that how it goes?  The older we get the more we appreciate.  I still have the first crochet blanket my grandmother ever made me.  I was too young to remember her making it and gifting it to me, but I have it draped over my sewing table chair so I can look at it and touch it and appreciate the thought and time she put into it.

I hope Aliyah will too.



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