Super Mod Plus Quilt – finished + Petal and Plume rag quilt

Hello, quilty friends!

I’ve been busy as always and I’ve got some new quilts to show you.

The Super Mod Plus quilt was actually finished last week, but I haven’t been able to show off pictures until now.


This might have been one of the easiest quilts I’ve ever made when compared to how cool I find it.  It literally only took me about an hour to piece the plus blocks.  I’ve made a pattern for it here if anyone is interested.


I’ve been seeing lots of different versions of the plus quilt everywhere and I love seeing everyone’s take on them.  I’ve tried to make mine as easy as possible while still getting all my pluses in the quilt in their full.  I’ve seen several versions where some of the pluses are cut off and I wasn’t too fond of that.  I’d really like to try this in some black or navy.


I used coral for my pluses and tan for my background.  They are both Riley Blake solids.

DSCN0565 DSCN0566

For my backing I used an older Heather Bailey print that I have a whole bolt of.  It’s from the Bijoux line, but I’m not sure of it’s name.  For the binding, I used Bonnie Christine’s Hexagon print in coral (love that fabric!).

I quilted in my usual meandering style that I can’t seem to get away from.  BUT just to make it more interesting and because this quilt didnt have a pale background, I quilted with pink thread.  A new experience for me.  I’m an always use white thread kind of girl.  I really liked the pink though.

So a lot of firsts in this quilt.  First solid quilt, first quilt with only two fabrics, first pink thread quilt.


This quilt was made up of 120 pieces of fabric on the front.  Keeping it simple.

This quilt is for sale here.  Or if you prefer different colors, I can custom make you one here in any size.


I got a custom order done this week as well, with some fabrics I haven’t used before.  Bari J’s Petal and Plume.


I made a toddler size rag quilt this week, but I’ve listed this made to order in several sizes in my shop.

DSCN0572 DSCN0571 DSCN0570 DSCN0569

These are really just gorgeous fabrics!  I love the navy blue print the best.  It has a peacock on it with a floral tail and lots of pretty birds.  Just beautiful.

Thanks for reading!



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