Elsa Medallion Quilt Part 4

First off, I goofed on this step and didnt realize until almost done my mistake.  It was not a mistake I ended up making right, but I have made the instructions correctly so that this does not happen to you.

It seems that no matter how much thought, there is something that always slips right on past.  I am not perfect and that’s okay.

But to the Elsa Medallion quilt.  This next step is easy.

We are just adding a row of patchwork blocks.  I used the same two fabrics, but it would also look great super scrappy so do what you feel best.

You need a total of 80 2.5-inch blocks.  If you want to make it just like mine proceed to the next step.  If you want to do your own thing then from those 80 blocks, 19 go on each side and the top and the bottom get 21 blocks each.  Easy peasy.

For only 2 fabrics like mine, cut 3 strips of 2.5-inch x WOF strips from print and background fabric each.  Subcut those strips into 2.5-inch blocks.

For the sides- sew 19 blocks together start with the print fabric and end with the print fabric for each side.

For the top and bottom- sew 21 blocks together starting with the background fabric and ending with the background fabric


That’s the part I goofed on.  I didnt start with the same blocks.  Eek!  You’d think eventually you’d quit making mistakes, but no, it continues on.

Sew the sides on first and then the top and bottom.  Use a 1/4 seam allowance throughout.  Chain piecing gets the blocks together fast.  Press everything to the dark side.


I’m making this quilt for my niece who is 8 years old and I really hope she will most likely not notice my mistake.  Hopefully, you won’t have this same problem.

Your Elsa quilt should now measure 42.5-inches.

We have 1 more final step left for the quilt top before we are done.



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