The Bee Hive Quilts + Super Mod Plus Quilt


In January, I joined a quilting bee called The Bee Hive Quilts.  You can find out more about it from Gnome Angel here.

But just for a quick overview…..  There are 12 ladies to a group and every month someone gets to be the queen, it alternates so that all 12 members gets a turn.  Each month every member of the group will mail  a block of the queen’s choice to her and she will also make one for herself so that she ends up with 12 quilt blocks ready to be turned into a quilt.

It’s alot of fun and I have been more than enjoying it lately.

Our queen for the month of February chose a super awesome block and she had no preference for colors only that it did not use any white.  I chose these fabrics.


Most of them were leftover Winged fabrics.  Yes, I have been using them like a little Winged junkie, but I have alot of it, it’s lying around and it needs to be used.  So voila!


I’m a little bummed I had to ship it off.  I REALLY liked the block.  It’s a Quiet Play pattern.  and paper pieced.


I also sent some lovely little gifts.


Hopefully, the queen will approve.


I have been working on a very simple quilt design that has now been finished and is in the wash.  I wanted it to be a plus quilt.  I wanted to only use solids and only use two colors.  Enter the Super Mod Plus Quilt.


I seriously had these blocks made in about half an hour.  I have written a pattern for this quilt too and as soon as I get it photographed I will release it.  You can find all my quilt patterns here.


I quilted it in pink thread something I never do.  I should have it posted by tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “The Bee Hive Quilts + Super Mod Plus Quilt

  1. The bee OVERLY approved and LOVED every bit of it! Why and how did I not realize you had a blog before now!?!?! Geeze woman! Now if only I could find the “follow” link! Hint hint! Or am I just blind? I am seriously so envious of your space and the amount of time you get towards your quilts and your love for it! I absolutely LOVED everything you created, made and sent my way it was BEYOND gracious! and I LOVED LOVED LOVED my block!

    • HELLO, MEGAN!!
      There is a follow by email button on the right side of the screen.

      I’m so glad you liked your bee package. I LOVE putting them together. Such fun! Thanks for all the kind comments. You are too sweet!

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