Brambleberry Ridge rag quilt + more Winged quilts

I wanted to show off two or two quilts and a lovey that I completed this week and are listed in the shop as ready to ship items for the time being.

You remember this pic.  Finally after what felt like forever I was able to squeeze out some ready to ship items and this quilt was one of them.


This is the Brambleberry Ridge fabric line by Violet craft.  Its features alot of lovelies in it.  There are deer, birds, triangles, all that good stuff and some of the fabric has metallic on it.


I made a crib size here.

DSCN0515 DSCN0516

Not sure how long this fabric line will last since I’m a little late to the game with it, but there it is while it lasts.


Also, I had yet more of the Winged fabrics so I made another crib size quilt and a little lovey.  They are both listed in the shop ready to ship while they lasts too.


Click here for the lovey.DSCN0506 DSCN0505

And here for the crib.

Once the crib quilt sells it will be relisted as a made to order item.  It’s also available in every size.

Thanks for reading along!



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