Elsa Medallion QAL – Step 1 & 2

I thought it might be fun to post every step of my Elsa Medallion Quilt.  Kinda like a quilt along with a tutorial for every step.

I must have the quilt done in a month, but I’ll be working on it here and there so not sure how regularly these will be.

I am making this quilt for my niece who turns 8 at the end of February, so I’ll have to have it done by then.

So let’s talk about Step 1.

This would be Elsa herself.  It is a free pattern on Craftsy here.  It is a paper piecing pattern.

Once you get Elsa all done, you want to trim her up to 10″ square.


I then added a white border around her.

From fabric choice cut:

2- 1.75 x 10″ for sides

2- 1.75 x 12.5″ for top and bottom

Sew with a 1/4 inch sea allowance and press to the outer edges of the block.

Elsa should now measure 12.5″ square.

Step 2

tiny heart block

Next, we are going to make 12 of these cute little heart shaped blocks.  Each block will measure 6.5″

I used all different fabrics for each heart so that it would be extra scrappy.  Then I used all the same background fabric.

For each heart cut from main fabric:

1- 2.75″ block

1- 2.75×5″ rectangle

From background fabric, cut:

1- 2.75″ block

3- strips 4 1/8″, then subcut these into 4 1/8 blocks.  You only need 24 of the blocks.  Save the rest of later projects.

Cut each block diagonally into triangles as shown in the next picture.


Sew together 1 main fabric and 1 background 2.75″ block.  Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance and then press.  It should look like the next picture.


Next, you want to sew your 2-patch you just finished to the 2.75×5″ rectangles like so.  Press away from the 2-patch block.


I chain pieces all of these steps so now I have 12 blocks that look just like this.


Time for triangles.  Sew a background fabric triangle onto one side of your little heart.  use the seams in the middle to line up the point of your triangle like below.


Sew one side on and then press before you add the next triangle on that way they will be out of your way so that you can use that middle seam as a guide.  I like to add the triangles on opposite sides first and then do the remaining sides.  So… do side, then side, then top and then bottom, taking the time to press after each step towards the point of your triangle.DSCN0472

Trim up your block so that it equals 6.5″ squared.  I used a fussy cut ruler, but you don’t have to have one of those.


Now to add your hearts to Elsa.  She will get 2 on each side and then 4 across the top and bottom.  Add sides first and then top and bottom.  Be sure to watch what you are doing and make sure all your hearts are getting sewn in the correct direction.


So now she should look like this.


We will add one more border for this step.  In your choice of fabric (I used a ta dot in aqua), cut:

2- 3.5×24.5 strips of fabric and sew these to the sides of your heart blocks.

Next cut:

2- 3.5×30.5 strips of fabric and sew these to the top and bottom of heart blocks.

Your Elsa Medallion should now look like this.


So that is that.  She should now measure 30.5″ squared and we will eventually bet getting her to somewhere around 50″ square or that is the goal for me.

Step 3 will come at a later date.

If you are making the Elsa Medallion quilt along with me and would like to share please tag me on instagram @southerncharmquilts and tag your pics #elsamedallionquilt.  i’d love to see what you’ve done.



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