Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap – Received + The Elsa Medallion Quilt

Hello, quilty friends!


I received my mini from the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap I participated in.  Melanie from @melintheattic was my partner and she made me this incredibly cool mini.  She also included some yummy extras.


living room

I recently rearranged the studio again to a more working design and I hung my new mini from the mantle.



up close

The quilting on this quilt was amazing.  Very different from my own quilting and I just love that.  This one has also really gotten me wanting to try curved piecing myself.  I’ve been a scaredy cat of it.


Prepare for super cool fun and exciting side project.  Eeeek!  it’s Elsa!  I am actually not a crazy Frozen fan.  My children are both teenagers and they just don’t go nuts over cartoons anymore (something I miss), but I do have a niece and she is Elsa crazed.



elsa fabric choice


With help and inspiration from a fellow quilter, I located this pattern on Craftsy here.



making elsa


It’s a paper piecing pattern for a 10″ block.  It wasn’t too difficult.  They eyes took quite a bit of time since it had alot of tiny bits to do.  All in all it took me about three hours to complete the block.




Absolutely, totally worth it.  Isn’t she beautiful?  I have her up on my design wall now and she stares at me all day.  I’m pretty overly pleased with her.  I get that way often about paper piecing.  it’s so precise, no mistakes, no tiny fudges, or oops moments.  It’s almost like perfection, which can be hard when you are sewing.

I like paper piecing, I just wish it wasn’t so time consuming.  I’d do it more often.

But back to Elsa…..

My niece who turns 8 next month adores her.  She just like hundreds of other girls her age has her room, clothing, bag, and dozens of toys decked all out in Frozen gear, so I thought what was one more.

Elsa is going to be the center of a medallion quilt I’m going to be making for my niece, throw size about 50×50 inches so it won’t be overly difficult for me.

I was thinking I was going to do the next row in tiny heart blocks, then a border, and then the following row in snowflake blocks.  But we will see where it takes me.  I’m not following a pattern the rest of the way, I’m just making it up as I go.

Till next time…




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