Finished Honey Butter Quilt + Finished Orange Peel Quilt

 I meant to post these pictures days ago, but I’ve been busy with the shop and haven’t had a chance.


This is the latest orange peel quilt, a custom order.  i think it’s cheerful and happy.  Only 3 fabrics are used for the peels and the background is Riley Black, clean white?  I think.  It might just be called white.


I raw edge appliqued the peels on to the background squares and then quilted with a meandering stitch.  It is SO snuggly.

The initials in the bottom corner was done using one of my ‘add a message block‘ add ons that I offer in the shop.



And here is the newly finished Honey Butter Quilt that I am SO proud of.  I LOVE this quilt.  I loved the last one, but I love this one even more.  Navy is my current favorite color and coral is a close second.  I think the reason I love this one so much is it is just crazy scrappy.


I quilted this one the same with the meandering stitch.  I really need to branch out more, but just this stitch is crazy time consuming.  The quilt was 96×96 inches so it took literally hours to just quilt it.  My arms were exhausted moving it around and pulling and pushing.

 DSCN0456 DSCN0455

For the center block in all the churn dashes I used Bonnie Christine’s Honeycomb in marmalade.


This one is probably already close to it’s new home in San Francisco.  May it be loved and snuggled under.



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