Black Butterfly – the beginnings

I have liked butterflies for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of butterflies has to be when I was seven or eight years old and we lived in Jacksonville, FL. My dad was in the navy so we moved around a lot. I very vividly remember butterflies being everywhere around our yard. There were so many in fact we became obsessed with catching them. My brother and I used to go get mason jars, cut slits in the top tin (for the butterfly to breathe), catch the butterflies and stick them in the jar.

It was a game.

And the dust on the butterflies wings usually ended up on my fingers.

One day my mom caught us doing this and told us that since we had taken the butterflies dust it would no longer be able to fly.

I never caught a butterfly again to trap it in mason jars, instead I moved on to grasshoppers.

Still I loved butterflies. I drew pictures of them on notebooks and then when I was eighteen, I of course got a tattoo of one.

Then they got really popular and I became not so proud of that tattoo. My kids now tease me and ask if I could have thought of something more original, and I say to them, “At the time I didn’t know anyone with this tattoo.” “Right,” they say.


Anyway, back to the quilt.

I have become obsessed with low volume prints, particularly anything black and white, and I wanted to make a butterfly on a background similar to the dictionary print on my art print above.

I found these fabrics.

I’ve pinned a board here. Most of the fabrics I chose to purchase for this quilt are on this board. If you click them they take you to a fabric shop where you can purchase. I also ended up using some black and white prints I already had on hand as well.

Before Christmas I finished 4 butterflies (not pictured yet). They are not intricate, but instead are just an hour glass, but they are solid black and white so I think they will pop good against these fabrics chosen for my background fabrics.

Then the night before last, in the wee hours, after completing several orders that needed to be done first, I found an hour to make the background blocks.

You can also see the printout of my quilt design I printed out from EQ7 of what the finished quilt will look like.

So now I just need to piece the quilt top together which I will do very soon.

So that is that.

I still have not done a tour of the new room and the reasoning is that there are still so many things out of place or that I haven’t found a place for yet. I’m also trying to find the best places and ways of storing my stash so I wanted it complete before I did a tour. Also, there are still parts of the room that are not finished, like behind where I am standing to take this pic. I am waiting and when all is in its place there will be a tour.

Also, my word for this year is ‘notice’. I want to notice all the things around me better. So notice in the picture above on the brick in the background there is still ceiling tile that needs to be put up and baskets of fabric without a home yet. Notice as well my messy desk yet which I still haven’t figured out where everything needs to be in my new studio. We are getting there.

Thanks for reading along!


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