Customer Pictures

Sorry for being gone. I’ve been behind on orders and struggling to catch up. There have been no side projects while I try to get orders out, and then of Christmas and New Year’s, oh and a studio move that you might have noticed already. I’ll get a post up with the details very soon.

Meanwhile, I have a new customer picture for you to swoon over.

Pretty gorgeous, huh? And the quilt is lovely too. J

This darling baby girl belongs to a sweet Mommy who sent me this picture. Thanks so much Caitlin! Love looking at your pictures.

The quilt the baby lies on is Brambleberry Ridge which I will be listing hopefully next week to the shop.

Its lavender, brown and gold. Not just any gold, a metallic gold. And I’ll be sure to showcase those details with more pictures for you soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for another great year!


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