Tiny Tips – Pulling up the bobbin thread before free motion quilting

Sometimes I get mad at myself for things I did not know. Some things that are so obvious and just flew right past me for years. This tiny tip is one of those things.

I used to wear the fact that I was self taught as a badge of honor, but that is not necessarily what it is. I learn by doing and so naturally I just started making things, using the internet when I needed to, but for the most part just doing and doing and doing until I had a ‘way’. Saying to myself, ‘oh I can make that’, but that way might not necessarily be the best way to make it.

I don’t like instructions. I tend to get antsy through the parts that I DO already know and can’t seem to be patient enough for the parts that I don’t know.

Through this past year I have taken a few online classes and what I learned was invaluable. I’ve forced myself to listen and watch others and often learning a better way of doing the same things I’ve done for years. Faster, easier and often more clever ways.

The tip I’m giving out today was learned kind of by accident. I was when I went to purchase the new Bernina and the sales lady was doing it right before she free motioned quilted and I was like, “WAIT! What did you just do?” She looked at me strangely surprised I did not know this and I felt ridiculous. She said to me, “how have you been doing it?”

Hopefully, not all of you will laugh and maybe even some of you, like me, this tiny tiny tip flew right over your head and will find this post useful.


Okay, so you are about to free motion quilt, you are basted and ready to go. You start quilting, run out of bobbin, reload and continue until you are done. After you are done quilting, you turn your quilt over and clip all those threads from your bobbin each time you had to reload. Does this sound familiar? If so, follow the next steps and you will never have to turn your quilt over again to clip threads.


Place your needed over the place where you want to begin your quilting. Lower your presser foot and you needle.

Now lift you presser foot and your needle. You should bring up a tiny loop (that is your bobbin thread).

Pull it up until you are holding both threads, needle and bobbin thread.

Lower your presser foot and your needle again. And sew in place three times.

Now clip both threads right beside you foot.

Done and no annoying threads hanging or tangling on the opposite side of your quilt.

This is actually very quick and easy and usually only takes me around 30 seconds to complete.

Now you are ready to free motion quilt. You would do the exact same steps everytime you run out of bobbin thread.

I hope somebody out there finds this helpful.


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