Igminiswap Quilt – Sent

Hello, Friends!

I’ve mentioned before that I had entered into my very first quilt swap. Just in case you do not know a mini quilt swap is when I make a mini quilt for somebody and another person makes a mini quilt for me. It’s not the same person that I’m making a quilt for that’s making one for me, it’s another person completely and you don’t know who it’s going to be. So the surprise is quite a bit of fun. Especially when I’ve been looking around and trying to figure out which mini quilt might be mine based on things I might like.

The hard part was deciding what to make for the person you are making the mini quilt for. After reading the form that everyone has to fill out before entering the swap nothing really jumped out at me about my partner. The only thing was that my partner didn’t like certain colors, so I wanted to be sure to stay away from those.

After going back and forth for weeks trying to figure this out. Then I got an issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting with a pattern that I really wanted to make. It was a pattern for a pillow, but the mini quilt was about the same size so I thought it would work out fine.

The pattern is by Karen Lewis Textiles. If you haven’t heard of her, go check out the link. She is amazing. Fantastic fabrics, I can’t say enough about them.

I altered the pattern a bit. There was a funky way of putting the patchwork blocks together that I didn’t do (I am horrible at sticking to a pattern). I just put my blocks together in a patchwork style, but somewhat in the shape that the pattern directs. My trouble lie in the fact that the template they give for the deer needed to be enlarged like 200% and the last time I took something like that down to the OfficeMax, they made a mess of it, so I decided to just draw the deer using the template as a pattern, but just make it bigger.

There is a reason I don’t draw. That reason is that I’m awful at it, so my husband ended up drawing it for me.

Worked perfectly.

I did do raw edge instead of turning down the backing for the reverse applique. I gave that a try and couldn’t get it to work neatly for me, so raw edge was the way I went.

Here it is.

I used black and white fabrics for the deer and my background is done in light gray by Riley Blake fabrics. I did a scrappy binding to give it some color.

I took quite a bit of time on the quilting and did a tiny meandering stitch on the background and leaving the deer to pop.

This is what I shipped out to my partner. The mini quilt, 3 fat quarters of deer fabric by Violet Craft, a large seam ripper, measuring tape, and a Merry Christmas ornament.

Let’s just hope my partner loves deer.


2 thoughts on “Igminiswap Quilt – Sent

  1. Melanie,
    You did an amazing job on my mini quilt. I am so excited to hang it up with my other mini quilts on my “Mini Wall”. Your attention to detail is perfect. The free motion quilting is incredible. I am excited to look at it for inspiration as I quilt. Thank you again for the best #igminiquilt.
    Whole Bunches,

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