Orange Peel Quilt in Sweet as Honey fabrics

I was very excited to make this quilt when my super sweet customer purchased it. I had been eyeballing these fabrics for months and Bonnie Christine, the fabric designer, is my current favorite designer right now as well. Also, peach and brown, are some of my favorite colors.

You probably wouldn’t believe me, but we raked all these leaves up last week and yet here they are back again. I guess that’s what I get for living next to the woods.

The fabric collection is called Sweet as Honey and this is the autumn harvest palette featuring some terrific shades of brown, peach, gray violet, a funky green and gold. My favorite fabric in the collection is this one. These are from Art Gallery Fabrics.

All the peels are raw edge appliqued.

I used the honey house in peach for the back and binding. And then quilted with a meandering stitch (my usual).

It took me two hours to quilt this, it is a king size, so it was a little difficult and of course my neck and arms were killing me by the time I get done, but I guess that goes with the territory.

I really like this quilt design. I also have another one in this design coming up soon with some different fabrics, luckily it will be quite a bit smaller. This king size took several days. One day which was just spent on the appliqueing.

I hope it finds a lot of love in its new home all the way in Texas.

Just a quick run down of the patternโ€ฆ.

I used 7 inch blocks of background fabric and then my peels are all 6 inches long. I just drew them out on paper and then traced them onto cardboard and cut that out. Then I lay the cardboard pattern on top of my ‘peel’ fabric and just trace out. Then, applique peels onto the 7 inch block and then stitch the 7 inch blocks together. Voila! Orange Peel happiness.


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