10 Great Gifts for Quilters

So I decided to round up some gift ideas for quilters. Click the pictures to be taken to the source.


I love this saying. I’ve heard it a dozen times and I still love it.


One can never have enough pin cushions, especially pin cushions this lovely.


Fancy scissors, another thing a quilter can never have enough of.


A great new pattern. Is it just me or are we constantly purchasing patterns. LOVE this one by Tula Pink.


A bundle of Fat Quarters. Seriously, it doesn’t even matter what fabric. This is a fantastic gift.


A tee from Patchwork Threads? YES, please! Gimme, gimme.


A new book full of ideas to use all that fabric for. I want this book!


A quilt ladder. I LOVE these and I would like to have one in the living room to display all my personal quilts.


Vintage quilts. I seriously cannot stop buying these when I run across them everywhere and lately I am digging me some basket patterns.


And my favorite idea is a subscription to Quilt Now magazine. I would already have this if I wasn’t overloaded with my current magazines. Hello, eye candy!

So that is what I got. I think most quilters will agree that these are some fabulous gifts. Tell me what you’d love to get for a gift this year.


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